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McKees Rocks VFD is looking for new Members! Apply Below

Background Clearances

  1. All new applicants aged 18 or older must provide required clearances must complete the required background checks at the time of application.

  2. The required clearances are as follows:
    • PA State Police Criminal Background Check Clearance
    • Child Abuse History Clearance from the PA Department of Human Services
    • If you have been a resident of PA less than 10 years — an FBI Criminal Background Check is also required

  3. The State Police and Child Abuse clearances can be obtained online through the following websites

  4. The State Police and Child Abuse clearances are free for volunteers- you should be able to select “volunteer” as your reason for the clearance on both websites. This should automatically waive the fee.

  5. For those that need the FBI Criminal Background Check, visit Applicant Fingerprinting Online Services The fire company will pay the fee for this background check. You can be reimbursed through relief association or we can make arrangements for payment at the time you go to complete the check.

  6. If you have already obtained these clearances for another volunteer position, or employment, and the clearances are not older than 5 years, you may use them to meet the fire company’s background check requirements. Incidentally, if you need these clearances for your place of employment, you cannot use volunteer clearances for a paid position.

  7. Clearances are to be turned in with your membership application, and will be kept confidential under lock and key in your personnel file in the department office.

  8. Clearances will need to be renewed every 5 years.

  9. New Applicant FAQs

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    This method allows members to best fit their volunteer fire service life into their personal life. If you want to become an Interior Firefighter, it’s going to take the biggest initial time investment as the PA Entry Level Firefighter Program is 188 hours. Good news: the program is divided into modules and can be completed within a few months’ time, or spread out over time as an individual can fit the classes into their schedule.

    On average, members dedicate about 40 to 50 hours of time each year. To maintain status as an active member of the organization, attend at least 20% of company events (calls, training, work details, public events, meetings, etc.) within a calendar year.

    No. All required equipment and training is paid for by us.

    No. Members are encouraged to respond to calls whenever possible, but we have not found the need to require duty or on call times for members.

    Let the officer in charge of the incident know that you must leave. For extended calls, we often try to identify members that need to leave, and release them on vehicles no longer needed at the scene.

    Yes. As a member of the company, meaning your ability to participate at meeting, vote on company a matters and elections, and run for elected positions, you must serve a probation period of one year. As an operational member (meaning your status as a firefighter), probationary status depends on the level of training you have completed.

    Yes. Because we have minors through our junior member program, anyone aged 18 or older must provide clearances as required by the PA Child Protective Services Law. Specific information on how to obtain this information can be obtained by clicking on the links above in the Backgroud Clearances section.

    The Borough of McKees Rocks is required by the state to provide workers’ compensation insurance for the volunteer fire company. If you’re injured, your care will be administered through the Borough's workers’ comp insurance carrier.

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